About us

We are a manufacturer of the highest quality architectural concrete, terrazzo, and precise concrete precasts for interiors.

All our products are made with the utmost care. As our company name suggests, we are a manufacturer – our moulds and elements are all handcrafted; with no sprayed concrete technology being used.

We offer bespoke services, tailored to each project and individual client’s vision.

Would you like to learn more? Contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions.


Our product range:

  • Terrazzo
  • Window sills
  • Surface-mounted lamps
  • Washbasins, sinks
  • 3D wall decors
  • Bar counters, reception counters, etc.
  • Kitchen worktops and backsplashes
  • Large format wall and floor cladding/panels


We use an extremely durable concrete mix, reinforced with the highest quality glass fibre, giving our products unique hardness and elasticity.

Our products are available in a wide variety of colours and three different finishes:

  • AERATED (with visible pitting)
  • SANDED (natural surface)
  • SILK (smooth).